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Tom Coco - Gold - 1KG Coal - 26mm Cube

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Introducing Tom Coco Gold, the epitome of excellence in shisha coal, now available in a convenient 1KG pack of 26mm cubes from Shisha Daddy!

Tom Coco Gold delivers unparalleled quality charcoal meticulously crafted to enhance your shisha sessions. These 26mm cubes are precision-engineered to provide consistent heat distribution, ensuring a rich and flavorful smoke experience with every puff.

Made from premium coconut shells, Tom Coco Gold charcoal is 100% natural, odor-free, and free from any harmful additives, preserving the true essence of your shisha flavors. With its extended burn duration and dependable performance, Tom Coco Gold sets the standard for discerning hookah enthusiasts.

Experience the pinnacle of shisha enjoyment with Tom Coco Gold - the ultimate charcoal solution for unforgettable hookah sessions.