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Dated - July 2023

Experience the cool and sweet sensation of Aryen's Mintigum (50G) Shisha. This delightful blend combines the refreshing essence of mint with the nostalgic sweetness of bubblegum, delivering a shisha experience that's both invigorating and delightfully sweet.

Key Features:

  • Minty Bubblegum Fusion: Mintigum offers a unique fusion of mint's invigorating coolness with the sweet nostalgia of bubblegum. Each puff is a refreshing journey into a world of sweet delight.

  • Premium Quality: Aryen is committed to quality, ensuring a consistently smooth and flavorful smoke, setting a high standard for shisha excellence.

  • Perfect Size: The 50-gram pack is designed for shisha enthusiasts who appreciate the harmonious combination of refreshing mint and sweet bubblegum flavors.

  • Effortless Preparation: Preparing your hookah bowl with Mintigum is straightforward, allowing you to focus on savoring the delightful flavors and cool, sweet vibes.

  • Aromatic Joy: The aroma of Mintigum is a delightful blend that combines the invigorating scent of mint with the sweet fragrance of bubblegum, creating an ambiance that's both invigorating and nostalgically sweet.

Satisfy your cravings for a delightful and nostalgic blend with Aryen's Mintigum (50G) Shisha. Elevate your shisha sessions with this invigorating and sweet fusion that's perfect for a refreshing and delightfully sweet smoke.

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