AZURE GOLD LINE - 100G - California Blue - Shisha Daddy NZ Limited

AZURE GOLD LINE - 100G - California Blue

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Experience the laid-back vibes of California with every puff of Azure Gold Line's California Blue shisha flavor. This 100g pouch of premium shisha tobacco captures the essence of the West Coast in a hookah experience that's as refreshing as a breeze off the Pacific.

Flavor Profile: California Blue is a blissful blend of juicy, sun-ripened fruits, highlighted by the luscious taste of fresh blueberries. This shisha flavor offers a perfect balance of sweetness and tartness, reminiscent of leisurely days under the California sun.

Premium Quality: Azure Gold Line is synonymous with quality, and California Blue is no exception. Prepare for thick, velvety smoke clouds infused with the vibrant flavors of the Golden State. Every session is a smooth and satisfying journey.

Easy to Prepare: Whether you're a seasoned hookah connoisseur or a beginner, this 100g pouch is designed for effortless preparation. Simply load it into your hookah bowl, and you're ready to enjoy the California Blue experience.

Who put mint all over these blueberries