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WD Hookah® 3.0 Glow

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Introducing the V3.0 hookah by WD Hookah – a substantial hookah with a plethora of remarkable attributes. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this hookah boasts a stainless steel smoke stem and an exquisite crystal glass vase.

Standing at an impressive 55 cm in height, it comes loaded with an array of exceptional features. Among these are the Closed Chamber System, a detachable diffuser, four 18/8 cut hose adapters, and an 18/8 inner cut for the head adapter. This adaptable inner cut also accommodates optional attachments like a 18/8 diameter molasses catcher or pre-cooler, enhancing your smoking experience.

The hallmark of the Glow version is its ability to illuminate in the dark, adding a captivating twist to your hookah sessions.

Experience premium-class quality in every puff with the V3.0 hookah by WD Hookah.

Height: Approximately 55 cm. 🌟💨 #WDHookah #V3Hookah #HookahExperience