Premium German Daddy KIT - Steamulation Prime Pro X - Shisha Daddy NZ Limited

Premium German Daddy KIT - Steamulation Prime Pro X

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The STEAMULATION PRIME PRO X shisha pipe is the compact version of the STEAMULATION PRO X including several patented features from the German brand STEAMULATION: it is 45cm and has the world's fastest rotary fastening system, the SteamClick 360°, including the incorporated valve technology, the Advanced Closed Chamber System.

And that's not all, as well as an adjustable diffuser, the PRIME PRO X is equipped with a purge control system as well as an airflow control system at the hose outlet, so you can customise your experience to your liking and guarantee the ideal session.

Kit includes:

x1 Prime Pro X (Vase, Stem, connectors, ash tray)

x1 Silicone Hose

X1 Steel Handle

x1 Diffuser

x1 Tongs 

x1 Clay head

x1 Head grommet 

x1 Hose spring